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Anybody suggesting that web-sites and perseverance by victims' families can not bring about positive results are so wrong.

Take the case of Kevin McLeod. The media keep a watchful eye on letters written by families and web-sites like ours. They get a story, we keep our cause in the public domain. Yet another documentary about Kevin's vicious murder is to be shown on 11th October, at 10pm on Sky TV, Zone Reality Channel. RESULT!

Annie Davies. The shocking story about Annie's horrific murder broadcast in the series "Unsolved" is to be repeated on STV and will be broadcast on Thursday 25 October at 7.30pm. RESULT!


Strathclyde Police and The Northern Constabulary are not treating these cases as unlawful deaths. Locals in Wick, (Kevin McLeod) and in Erskine, (Annie Davies) speak openly of their suspicions of who perpetrated these vicious crimes. Suspicions are not enough. These allegations need serious investigation by dedicated professional officers. The question is, where can we find them? Why, do we say this? It appears, (qualified through documented evidence available to anyone on request at ASFJ) that these police forces allegedly covered up a series of procedural blunders by reporting to the Procurator Fiscal Service that these deaths were accidental.

This happened in Scotland, and nobody within the judicial system seems to have the desire or the courage to bring these people to account. Here is one reason they get away with it. SECRECY!

We all know the Police, Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service keep their reports secret. We, the victims don't know what their reports contain. Despite the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act (FOISA).

Are you aware that Section 18 of the Act gives Public Authorities the right to "refuse" or "confirm" or "deny" whether information is held by them in limited circumstance. Believe it or not the Act states: if the information were held by the authority (and it need not be) the information would be exempt under one of the exemptions contained in sections 28 to 35, 39(1) or 41 of FOISA and the authority considers that to "reveal" whether the information "exists" or is "held by it" would be contrary to the "public interest".


Our wonderful MSP's encouraged by the "Authorities" voted through this Bill. Did any of them bother to read it???????

To those that did. SHAME ON YOU.

Brian Davies, ASFJ

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Forum News - August 2007:

In July 2007 the decision was taken to remove the forum from the Search for Justice web site

This decision was not taken lightly, as the means for the general public to comment freely on the Justice System is a fundamental right which should be enjoyed by everyone.

This right has been usurped by the hundreds of 'Members' that have had to be removed from the forum in the past 6 months due to their selfish desires to promote nothing but pornographic materials, cheap drugs, and illegal, unlicensed software download sites, and to contribute nothing to a serious debate. This is expressly forbidden under the rules published on the forum when it was accessible and was certainly not in keeping with the stated aims of A Search For Justice.

Those people who use the Internet for their own selfish ends promoting this trash on web sites who do not welcome their attention do themselves and the majority of internet users an injustice

Donald Park - Webmaster at ASFJ.